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If you are an ADI then you are probably already being mindful during your lessons

Mindfulness is simply noticing what is happening around you, right now, on purpose and with curiousity

During your lessons as an ADI you will be giving your full attention to your pupil, your car and other road users and you will also be coaching and developing your pupils to do the same thing.  By giving a little bit of time to your own training and development to learn more about the theory of mindfulness and consciously adding mindfulness exercises to your daily working life you could develop your already strong attention skills into a mindfulness practice and become a Mindful ADI.

The benefits of a daily mindfulness practice include:

* being able to focus your attention more easily where you choose

* being able to interrupt automatic pilot and avoid getting lost in an inner world of thoughts

* gaining more perspective on the events that happen during everyday life

* reduce stress levels

* understand the benefits of mindfulness for your pupils

Being mindful doesn't have to involve meditation although it can if you like.  All the suggested mindfulness exercises are short practical tasks that last from 20 seconds to 4 minutes.  They can easily be fitted in around your working life and several of the exercises you can carry out  between pupil lessons for example while putting on your seatbelt, moving from driver seat to passenger seat and filling up with fuel. 

Mindfulness offers a tool for both ADIs and learner drivers to practice the skills of becoming more self aware about thoughts and emotions and how they impact on driver behaviour.  The Goals for Driver Education matrix Level Four - Goals for life and skills for living outlines that best practice for driver training should include personal motives and tendencies that influence attitudes, decision making and behaviour in driving and consequently crash involvement.  Creating drivers who are safe, not just competent.



Become a Mindful ADI

Online Mindfulness programme for Driving Instructors

Duration: Lifetime
Price: £40.00